Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life:: Changes

This is a good, but hard post for me to write. One thing that God has really been revealing to me is that I need to trust Him- even if I don't understand things logically- listening to His voice speak and trusting His faithfulness is so important to communing with Him. And believe me- I am far from perfect in getting this right. I am on a journey though- as we all are.
When we started in January of last year (2010) having the business be an avenue for spreading the love of Jesus- it didn't totally make sense (logistically). But we knew that it was the right thing to do. And it has been so amazing!
But I really feel the Lord leading me to take an indefinite break. This season has been amazing- but this is going to be a new season of investing deeply in my family.
So with that said- I have deeply enjoyed getting to know each person and family that I have worked with. I never really pursued marketing much- but I always trusted that the Lord would bring me who he wanted me to have connection with. I am so thankful for your grace and trust that you gave me.
So I will be finishing up a bunch of seniors in August. Then off to start the school year! I will be leaving my website up and this blog up (at least I think for now). But if I have any changes- I will post it to my blog and website. Take care and God bless!


Unknown said...

Sarah, I'll miss your precious photos of the world! I always enjoyed seeing new ones when you put them out on the site.

Blessings to you in this new life focus! May God enrich you and your family deeply, and in ways you can't yet see.

Hope photography continues to be a joy for you - and if we're lucky, for us too! :-)

Kara K said...

One word. Sad. But we love you and support you and your decision.